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Please submit your camera-ready paper before Submission Deadline (July 8, 2016) by ICESS-2016 paper upload link.


Since PDF eXpress is not available, authors should submit their camera-ready paper in PDF format and ensure the paper conform to the request of CPS template. Otherwise, your submission could fail.

Paper page limit:

Regular Papers: 6 pages, including all figures, tables, and references.

Regular Papers:

Up to 2 extra pages may be purchase at $100 (US dollars) per extra page.

Due to that ICESS2016 camera-ready paper uploading system is still being prepared by CPS, final paper submission deadline is postponed to July 8. Notification emails will be sent to the authors of accepted papers once the uploading system is ready. Thank you for your understanding.

The open of CPS system will require a fews days to wait the approvement of CPS. Thanks for your patience.

The accepted papers of ICESS-2016 have been posted here.

Since some reviewers have not submitted their review comments, Notification of acceptance will be postponed to June 7, 2016. Thnks for your patience.

FFC2016 (2016 Forum of Future Computing), as a session of CBD2016, will be held in 14~15, August, 2016. There are about 40 famous scholoars who will attend this forum and present some emergering ideas about future computing in computer science.

Due to numerous requests, paper submission deadline will be extended to April 30, 2016. This is a firm date.

ICESS2016 covers 10 special issues of some journals, e.g., IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing and IEEE Transactions on Big Data.
•IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing: Cyber-Physical Social Systems: Integrating Human into Computing.
•IEEE Transactions on Big Data: Applications in Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence.
•Information Fusion: Special Issue on Big Data Fusion in Internet of Things (Elsevier).
•Journal of Computational Science: Special Issue on Optimization in Distributed Information Systems (Elsevier).
•Journal of Network and Computer Applications: Special Issue on Pervasive Social Networking (Elsevier).
•Future Generation Computer Systems: Special Issue on Advances in Human-like Intelligence towards Next-Generation Web (Elsevier).
•Future Generation Computer Systems: Special Issue on Energy Management for Cyber-Physical Cloud Systems (Elsevier).
•New Paradigms in Cyber-Physical Social Sensing (Sensors, MDPI).
•Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (Wiley and SCI).
•Tsinghua Science and Technology.

The first CFP was launched on Dec. 1, 2015.

The submission system(http://icess.comp.polyu.edu.hk) will open on Jan. 1, 2016.

We are pleased to inform you that in conjunction to the 13th International Conference of Embedded Software and System 2016(ICESS2016), we will be organizing "International Conference on Advanced Cloud and Big Data 2016(CBD2016, http://cbd2016.scu.edu.cn/)", August 13-14, 2016.

Introduction to ICESS

With the advent of VLSI system level integration and system-on-chip, the center of gravity of the computer industry is now moving from personal computing into embedded computing. Embedded software and systems are increasingly becoming a key technological component of all kinds of complex technical systems, ranging from vehicles, telephones, aircraft, toys, security systems, to medical diagnostics, weapons, pacemakers, climate control systems, and on.

The ICESS (International Conference of Embedded Software and System), found in 2002, permits researchers, developers, and providers from academia and industry to address the challenges and discuss their new ideas, research results, applications, and experience in the embedded system. ICESS aims to improve international communication and cooperation and to promote embedded software and system industrialization and wide applications on all aspects of embedded software and systems.

The ICESS-2016 conference is the 13th International Conference on Embedded Software and Systems. It provides an international forum for presenting and discussing emerging ideas and trends in embedded software and systems from both the research community as well as the industry. ICESS-2016 is sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China.

The ICESS-2016 conference is the next event in a series of highly successful international conferences on embedded software and systems (ESS), held as ICESS 2015 (New York, USA, August 2015), ICESS 2014 (Paris, France, August 2014), ICESS 2013 (Sydney, Australia, December 2013), ICESS 2012 (Liverpool, England, UK, June 2012), ICESS 2011 (Changsha, China, November 2011), ICESS 2010 (Bradford, UK, July 2010), ICESS 2009 (Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, May 2009), etc.

Contact Information


Deguang Li, Dan Wang, Pengbo Zhang

Mailing address:

College of Computer Science, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 610064, China

Email address:

icess_cbd@qq. com

guobing@scu. edu. cn

Telephone numbers:

Li: +86 182 0811 7037

Wang: +86 182 0281 0559

Zhang: +86 132 5827 1926

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